A Carbon Neutral Series.

Silestone® Sunlit Days is manufactured entirely with renewable electricity and recycled water.

We offset all carbon emissions through UN-certified projects, thus achieving Carbon Neutral Certification.

We calculate our carbon footprint.

Through the use of consumption data from across the value chain and throughout the product life cycle.

We reduce our impact.

We promote energy efficiency, emissions reduction and sustainable mobility.

We offset our emissions.

We collaborate in official UN projects to offset GHG emissions.

An innovative generation of surfaces made entirely from renewable electricity, recycled water and a hybrid formulation is emerging. HybriQ+® is a new high performance blend of premium minerals, quartz and recycled glass. More beautiful. More innovative. More sustainable.

More innovation. Same performance.

Commitment to innovation and quality leads Silestone® to exceptional performance and amazing depth of colour. With the same quality and warranty that has proven us as market leaders.

More design.

The new composition of premium minerals selected worldwide for each design allows for a greater depth of Silestone® colours, textures and shades in order to create unique and personal interior spaces.

More sustainable.

HybriQ+® uses a minimum of 20% recycled materials in its composition, such as glass, and its manufacturing process is powered entirely by renewable electricity and recycled water.

Equilibrio Marino is a non-profit environmental organisation comprised of divers, scientists and sea-lovers that works to restore and preserve marine ecosystems.

Its projects are helping the sea with the vital work of cleaning up and collecting abandoned plastics, nets and tools from reefs, seabeds, beaches and coasts. This NGO is committed to the clean-up of posidonia meadows and the recovery of coral reefs in our seas.

A Partnership to save the Mediterranean.

There are more than 12,000 species of native plants and animals living in the Mediterranean Sea, many of them endangered or threatened with extinction. Silestone® and Equilibrio Marino have joined forces through different collaborative projects to give back to the sea the life it gives us.